The site has previous, so early signs are positive

We've seen numerous dummy units, mock ups, front and rear panels and renders of the iPhone 6, but the latest image leaks claims to be the real deal.

Obtained by KitGuru through the same source it got a picture of the iPhone 5 from back in 2012 (yep, it's got previous) the white and gold iPhone 6 is said to be fresh off the line in one of Foxconn's Chinese factories.

There's no way for TechRadar to verify this image, but with KitGuru's correct leak regarding the 5 it puts the veracity of this picture in a more favorable light, and it does mirror the leaks we've already seen.

That said the device in question is switched off, with no proof that it turns on, and we aren't convinced by the slightly shoddy looking build quality round the volume keys and flick switch. Are you convinced?

via: Is this the real iPhone 6 fresh from Foxconn's factory floor? | TechRadar