Earlier this week Italian site Macitynet shared images of a high-quality physical mockup of the iPhone 6, based on earlier design drawings and renderings. The site has now shared [Google Translation] a new series photos comparing that mockup to a Samsung Galaxy S5 display model, showing how Apple's larger iPhone might stack up to Samsung's flagship offering.

Samsung's Galaxy S5, released in April, has a display size of 5.1 inches, along with a thickness of 8.1mm. That makes it both larger and thicker than the iPhone 6 mockup, which appears to have a display size of 4.7-inches. While the thickness of the mockup cannot be determined, rumors have suggested the iPhone 6 will be thinner than the existing 7.6mm iPhone 5s, possibly between 6.5 and 7mm.

The mockup in the photos was reportedly created by a case manufacturer and is said to be a "final" version used to make sure cases and accessories will fit Apple's iPhone 6, which means that it could be a solid representation of what we can expect from Apple's larger phone.

via: Physical iPhone 6 Mockup Compared to Galaxy S5 in New Images - Mac Rumors



横からの比較画像を見てもわかるようにやっぱり薄いです。GalaxyS5が厚さ8.1mmであるのに対し、iPhone6は6.5~7.0mmという超極型の筐体となっています。ちなみに6.4インチ、厚さ6.5mmのXperia Z Ultraは少し平べったくて板を持っているような感覚ですが、4.7インチで6.5mmのiPhone6はどんな持ち心地になるのでしょう。